Braiden is in America, but we still need need to keep fundraising


Brave Braiden is in the United States having the potentially life-saving clinical treatment his UK doctor recommended—it will cost at least £250,000 and was not funded by the NHS.
Braiden’s friends and family tried to meet the target, but Braiden couldn’t wait—he had to get to America before he ran out of time.

The Neuroblastoma Alliance stepped in with the rest of the money Braiden needed.

Braiden’s mum and dad said, “Thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far! We ask everyone to please carry on supporting the appeal so Braiden has the best chance of beating this terrifying disease.We want to raise all the money needed for his treatment costs. It is crucial that our charity has funds for future children who need urgent neuroblastoma treatment abroad, just like Braiden was helped.”

Please make a donation or hold an event for Braiden-Lee and children like him—call Nikki on 020 8202 9065 for ideas and a copy of the Fundraising Toolkit to help you get you started!

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