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OK people are asking why are we still fundraising for braiden lee Prescott ,
well braiden went to America for immunotherapy cancer treatment to help save his life and clear him of cancer ,but half way through the treatment the oncology scans found a shadow on his scans so they said he had relapsed with his treatment and the cancer was back , this treatment cost £200,000,but he didn’t have the full cancer treatment so there is money to come back to the charity ,
braiden has other options ,and one of them options is treatment in Germany which still cost £200,000, for the treatment ,braiden’s just giving page is on about £130,000, at the moment so this is the reason we are still fundraising for braiden lee ,

Hi all, braidens doing brilliantly as you can imagine, this chemo that he’s just started is brilliant! It’s home chemo and doesn’t make him ill!! Yayy, we went to see a radiotherapy consultant last week and he had a look at braidens tumour and said he wouldn’t feel comfy giving braiden radiotherapy on his arm as his tumour is soo small! We took this as good news, I think him and braidens consultant are gunna have talks as wether to leave braiden off treatment for 6 weeks to see what the tumours doing, wether growing or not. Braiden is eating like mad every ten mins, which is a good sign and he’s putting weight on, he’s been playing in the garden ect with Tyler a lot too,

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