my progress

Hello everyone has you all know Ive been to America and I was having treatment over there
everything seemed to be working till I had my scans then the doctors told me treatment had to stop has the cancer was back ,so we got the next plane home so we could see my doctor here in England,
we went to see my doctor in Manchester a few days later and they did a new scan and put me on
chemo straight away ,the chemo they was giving me was making me very poorly so they changed it
and this chemo is not making me sick anymore ,
the scans showed that I had a tumor in my left upper arm since Ive been on this new chemo
it seems to be working the tumor is shrinking ,
I will be on this treatment up to September then I will have more scans,
I will do an update soon ,thank you love from braiden ,xxx

Hi all, braidens doing brilliantly as you can imagine, this chemo that he’s just started is brilliant! It’s home chemo and doesn’t make him ill!! Yayy, we went to see a radiotherapy consultant last week and he had a look at braidens tumour and said he wouldn’t feel comfy giving braiden radiotherapy on his arm as his tumour is soo small! We took this as good news, I think him and braidens consultant are gunna have talks as wether to leave braiden off treatment for 6 weeks to see what the tumours doing, wether growing or not. Braiden is eating like mad every ten mins, which is a good sign and he’s putting weight on, he’s been playing in the garden ect with Tyler a lot too,

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